Why do we get expression lines?

Are marionette lines the same as smile lines? How do they differ?

You've done everything right for years to prevent wrinkles yet one day you notice wrinkles around your mouth or lips. How did they get there and more importantly how can you stop them from being so noticeable?
What are expression lines?

Wrinkles around the lip and mouth are referred to as expression lines. While environmental free radicals, age, loss of collagen and genetics could contribute to their existence, expression lines are also simply the result of repetitive facial expressions over years that reduce the skin's elasticity and crease the skin. The most prominent of expression lines exist around the mouth.

Types of Expression Lines

Expression lines are categorized based where the lines are located. Expression lines referred to as smile lines are located at the bottom of the nose. Marionette lines are vertical lines etched in the corners of one's mouth. Expression lines known as vertical lines are often referred to as "think wrinkles" around the rims of one's lips.

While there is no definitive way to prevent expression lines one can try to reduce the onset of such wrinkles through a combination of healthy lifestyle, a daily skin care regimen and protecting the skin from sun damage. Because expression lines can occur at any age for every skin type, dr. brandt skincare products include ground breaking and scientifically backed ingredients that visibly improve the look of expression lines. Recommended products include our Magnetight Age-Defier mask and daily use of needles no more wrinkle smoothing cream both in the morning and at night.