What are the bags under my eyes?

Are dark circles under my eyes just shadows from puffy eyelids or a sign of aging?

Have you ever woken up after the best night's sleep and found yourself with dark circles under your eyes? What causes those undesirable bags under your eyes?

Aging, lifestyle, and genetics are all factors that contribute to whether one gets bags under their eyes. Environmental allergies can lead to fluid retention under the eye causing eyes to appear puffy. Lack of sleep or dehydration can also cause dark circles to appear under the eyes.

The effects of aging are also marquee factors to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. The layer of skin around and underneath the eyes is thinner than the skin on any other area of the face. This thin layer quickly shows of diminished collagen and loss of elasticity on the face. As the layer of skin under the eye thins out with age and skin from the upper area of the eye begins to sag, dark circles or bags under the eyes become more prominent to the naked eye. Replenishing moisture and hydrating the skin around the eye can reduce the appearance of dark shadows under the eyes and help delay signs of aging skin. Our recommended products include dr. brandt dark circles away eye serum and daily use of the Do Not Age with dr. brandt triple peptide eye cream.